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Participant COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

All group fitness and personal training participants are asked to review the Participant COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire (PDF) before attending a class or session.

Group Fitness Class Schedule

Fall Schedule: September 8-October 31*


Due to social distancing guidelines, Group Fitness Class Pass Holders are required to have a valid/current Class Pass and reserve their space in class in advance. Class Passes may be purchased at the Parks Plus Fitness Center desk or online.

Classes will take place at a variety of locations, please see the schedule in advance. You must register for each class in advance and have a valid class pass or punch card.

All group fitness class attendees are required to review the At-Home COVID Screening & Questionnaire (PDF) prior to each visit. In addition, we ask that all participants review our Wheaton Park District COVID Participant Guidelines as well. We take our members, staff, and the community’s safety seriously. Thank you for doing your part to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Class names in the schedule below link to details and registration.

Registration is through a third-party vendor, Eventbrite.

6:15A – F.A.T.*
8:30A – Cardio Mix
9:35A – Cardio Core Challenge**, Yoga: Level 1-2
10:40A – Core Flow**
5P – Power Sculpt
6P – Spin

5:15A – Sculpt Express^
6A – Spin
6:15A – Boot Camp*
8:30A – Body Sculpt
9:35A – Power Sculpt
10:40A – 50+ Balance, Strength & Stretch
12P – Pilates
6P – Body Sculpt
7P – Yoga: Level 1-2

6:15A – Power Sculpt
8:30A – Spin Interval
9:35A – Yoga: Level 1-2
5P – Spin

5:15A – Sculpt Express^
6A – Spin
6:15A – Boot Camp*
8:30A – Body Sculpt
9:35A – Cardio Core Challenge
10:40A – Gentle Yoga
12P – Pilates
6P – Spin

6A – Spin
6:15A – F.A.T.*
8:30A – Cardio Mix
9:35A – 50+ Balance, Strength & Stretch

7A – Spin
8:15A – Yogalattes
8:30A – Intervelocity

8A – Spin
9:30A – Yogalattes

*Times subject to change. Additional offerings may be made available after September 1.

**May change location after 10/19

^ 30-minute class

Class Descriptions

FALL SESSION (09/08/20-10/31/20)

50+ Balance, Strength & Stretch

Improve balance and ward off osteoporosis in this relaxing yet challenging class. Using light resistance, we’ll strengthen the body and focus on “functional fitness.” Stretching exercises complete this great workout.

Locations: Community Center Gym (CCG) or Rice Pool Deck (RPD)

Tuesdays (9/8-10/27) | 10:40A | RPD | Register
Fridays (9/11-10/30) | 9:35A | CCG | Register

Body Sculpt

Firm and strengthen your entire body in our popular weight training class! Using a variety of resistance you’ll challenge muscles and create the toned body you’ve always dreamed of!

Location(s): Rice Pool Deck (RPD) or Community Center Gym (CCG)

Tuesdays (9/8-10/27) | 8:30A | CCG | Register
Tuesdays (9/8-10/27) | 6P | RPD | Register
Thursdays (9/10-10/29) | 8:30A | CCG | Register

Boot Camp

A challenging class that uses HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Drills will alternate between high and low-intensity moves. Modifications given. All levels of fitness welcome!

Location: Community Center Gym

Tuesdays (9/8-10/27) | 6:15A | Register
Thursdays (9/10-10/29) | 6:15A | Register

Cardio Core Challenge

This intermediate/advanced class utilizes high-intensity aerobic moves and full-body, core-strengthening intervals. We’ll use equipment for fun! Some choreography involved.

Location: Community Center Gym

Mondays (9/14-10/26) | 9:35A | Register
Thursdays (9/10-10/29) | 9:35A | Register

Cardio Mix

Move your body to the sounds of pop, country, Latin, and broadway in this easy-to-follow, low-impact, cardio dance class. Modifications provided to increase or decrease intensity.

Location: Community Center Gym

Mondays (9/14-10/26) | 8:30A | Register
Fridays (9/11-10/30) | 8:30A | Register

Core Flow

This dance-inspired class strengthens the entire body with emphasis on the abdominal aera. No previous dance experience required, just a love of movement!

Location: Community Center Gym

Mondays (9/14-10/26) | 10:40A | Register

F.A.T. (Firm & Tighten)

Get FAT with Parks Plus. In this class, you will work to Firm And Tighten your muscles pushing their endurance and strength beyond what you ever thought they could do.

Location(s): Rice Pool Deck (RPD) or Community Center Gym (CCG)

Mondays (9/14-10/26) | 6:15A | RPD | Register
Fridays (9/11-10/30) | 6:15A | CCG | Register

Gentle Yoga

New to yoga? Have limitations? We use modifications to accommodate all levels. Increase your strength and flexibility while improving the mind-body connection.

Location: Community Center Memorial Room

Thursdays (9/10-10/29) | 10:40A | Register


An intense interval class that incorporates cardio and resistance training. Fast paced, yet fun and easy to do.

Location: Rice Pool Deck

Saturday (9/12-10/31) | 8:30A | Register


Develop total body strength, focusing on the core, or “Power House” of the body. Improve posture, balance, and mobility. Create long lean muscles in this challenging, yet relaxing class.

Location: Rice Pool Deck

Tuesdays (9/8-10/27) | 12-12:45P | Register
Thursdays (9/10-10/29) | 12-12:45P | Register

Power Sculpt

This intermediate/advanced strength training class incorporates full-body movements to challenge muscles and the cardio system. Experience this dynamic conditioning class that focuses on developing total body power.

Locations: Community Center Gym (CCG) or Rice Pool Deck (RPD)

Mondays (9/14-10/26) | 5P | RPD | Register
Tuesdays (9/8-10/27) | 9:35A | CCG | Register
Wednesdays (9/9-10/28) | 6:15A | CCG | Register

Sculpt Express

This 30-minute express class will strengthen the entire body utilizing a variety of equipment, full body movements and plyometric exercises.

Location: Rice Pool Deck

Tuesdays (9/8-10/27) | 5:15A | Register
Thursdays (9/10-10/29) | 5:15A | Register


In this cycling class, you’ll work harder than you ever thought possible with aerobic endurance intervals: flats, hills, strength, and speed plays. Visualization through music and instruction pushes your body to new limits!

Location: Rice Pool Deck

Mondays (9/14-10/26) | 6P | Register
Tuesdays (9/8-10/27) | 6A | Register
Wednesdays (9/9-10/28) | 5P | Register
Thursdays (9/10-10/29) | 6A | Register

Thursdays (9/10-10/29) | 6P | Register
Fridays (9/11-10/30) | 6A | Register
Saturdays (9/12-10/31) | 7A | Register
Sundays (9/13-10/25) | 8:15A | Register

Spin Interval

This intense class will challenge the most seasoned spinner. A traditional spin class with intervals of full body strength training moves for a total body workout.

Location: Rice Pool Deck

Wednesdays (9/9-10/28) | 8:30A | Register

Yoga: Levels 1-2

Work at your own pace, using slow, controlled movements to strengthen and stretch your muscles through a series of poses called asana. Relieve stress and calm the mind by learning deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

Location: Community Center Memorial Room (MR) or Willow Point Room (WP)

Mondays (9/14-10/26) | 9:35A | MR | Register
Tuesdays (9/8-10/27) | 7P | WP | Register
Wednesdays (9/9-10/28) | 9:35A | MR | Register


This class incorporates movements from intermediate Pilates and Yoga classes, but modifications are given to suit beginners and advanced participants.

Location: Community Center Memorial Room (MR) or Willow Point Room (WP)

Saturdays (9/12-10/31) | 8:15A | WP | Register
Sundays (9/13-10/25) | 9:30A | MR | Register

Group Fitness Class Passes

Annual and Short-Term Class Passes are discounted 50% for Parks Plus Fitness Center Annual Members. See Parks Plus Fitness Service Desk (Community Center, lower level) for details.

Residents must show the resident park district card to receive the reduced rate.

Class Pass Refund Policy

Group Fitness Class Punch Cards

All group fitness classes are included in the monthly and annual class passes. However, for those looking to attend specific classes, or just one or two a week, we have created the 10-, 20-, 30- class punch card.

Punch cards can be purchased at the Community Center Front Desk.

Parks Plus Fitness Center Members receive 20% off all 10-, 20- and 30- class punch cards!

Punch cards are valid for one year, for any class, any time.

View the current Group Fitness Class Schedule for dates and times.