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Class Descriptions

Body Sculpt

Firm and strengthen your entire body in our ever popular weight-training class. You’ll use a variety of resistance (hand weights, tubing, bands, etc.) to challenge the muscles and create that toned body you’ve always dreamed of!

Cardio Core Challenge

This intermediate/advanced level class utilizes high intensity aerobic moves and full body, core-strengthening intervals. We’ll use a
variety of equipment for fun! Some choreography involved. Modifications for low/high impact are always provided.

Cardio Mix

Move your body to the sounds of pop, country, Latin and Broadway in this easy-to-follow, low-impact cardio class. Modifications provided to increase or decrease intensity. Friday class utilizes a step platform for added fun. Core work and stretching complete this great workout.

Core Flow

This dance-inspired class strengthens the entire body with emphasis on the abdominal area. No previous dance experience required...just a love of movement!

Fitness Fusion

A complete class that combines mind and body: Cardio blasts, strength training, core work, stretching, and relaxation. This calss will challenge and re-energize your workout routine.

Foam Rolling 4 Fitness

Self-myofacial release, aka foam rolling, applies pressure to specific areas of the body to decrease tightness, increase mobility and improve flexibility. Foam rolling is a fitness practice that will benefit all fitness levels.

Gentle Yoga

New to yoga? Have limitations? This class utilizes modifications to accommodate all levels. Increase your strength and flexibility while improving the mind/body connection.

Insanity Live!

This out-of-the-ordinary cardio-conditioning class provides support and group motivation to challenge you to work toward your heighest potential and unleash your inner athlete, no matter where you're starting from.


An intense interval class that incorporates cardio and resistance training. Fast paced, yet fun and easy to do.

Kettlebell AMPD

This choreographed strength training class sculpts the entire body using kettlebells. Change up your fitness routine with this challenging class!


A unique intermediate level cardio class that uses between 2-4 Step platforms in a surprisingly easy-to-follow format. Try something new that will challenge your body and keep your mind stimulated. This class keeps you coming back for more!

Power Sculpt

This intermediate/advanced strength training class incorporates full body movements that challenge the muscles as well as the cardio system. Experience this dynamic conditioning class that focuses on developing total body power.

Sculpt Express

This 30 minute express class will strengthen the entire body utilizing a variety of equipment, full body movements and plyometric exercises


This 55-minute cycling class gets you working harder than you ever thought possible in a group exercise class. You’ll be inspired by the music and instructor who leads you through aerobic endurance intervals – a series of flats, hills, strength and speed plays.

Step Express

A great cardio workout that utilizes an adjustable platform that you step up, down and around. Some choreography is involved.

Step Interval

Get it done all in one! This class alternates between step cardio and resistance training for a total body workout, all the while keeping your heart rate up. Ratios may vary from class to class.

Total Body Workout

This class is the ultimate cross trainer! We’ll challenge your agility, speed, strength and endurance through easy-to-follow athletic drills and resistance training.

Yoga: Levels 1-2

Work at your own pace, using slow, controlled movements to strengthen and stretch your muscles through a series of poses called asanas. Relieve stress and calm the mind by learning deep-breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

Yoga Flow

Increase strength and flexibility while flowing from one pose to the next, in this Vinyassa style class. Breathing techniques are linked to full body movements to instill a sense of calm and focus.


Get the best of mind/body workouts with this class that incorporates the best moves from Yoga and Pilates. Class is taught at an intermediate level, but modifications are given to challenge beginners to advanced.


Zumba combines high energy, motivating music with unique dance combinations from Latin and other international dance styles. It’s a mixture of body sculpting movements and easy-to-follow dance steps that maximize your caloric output, fat burning, and total body toning. It’s so much fun that it takes “work” out of your workout!


Questions About Classes?
Feel free to contact the Group Fitness Coordinator, Laurie Loftus at  

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